Our Vission & Mission - Barometer Sticker Digital, Apparel Digital, dan Aneka Produk Kreatif Berbasis Digital Printing
  • Lemuel Lemuel Digital Clothing
    Melayani Aneka Apparel (Aneka Sablon Digital, DTG, Print on Textile, dsb)
  • Lemuel Digital Creative
    Melayani Pembuatan Custom Produk Kreatif Berbasis Digital Printing
  • Lemuel Digital Skin
    Melayani Custom Skin Gadget Digital, Aksessoris Gadget, dan Print Hard Case
  • Lemuel Digital Helmet
    Melayani Pembuatan Custom Helm Digital Berkualitas Pabrikan
  • Lemuel Digital Automotive
    Melayani Custom Stripping Motor, Die Cast, Branding Vehicle, dsb
  • Lemuel Digital Printing
    Melayani Cetak Digital Pada Umumnya (Aneka Sticker, Print A3+, Print Large Format, Photography, MMT, Aneka Banner, dsb)

Our Vission & Mission

Our Vision

To be Blessed Corporation for Blessing People

Our Mission

Become a Corporation with The Most Valuable in Creativity Resulting is The Prime Requirement in Lemuel Printing
We Constantly Present and Contribute more than what Customer Expected to be the Best Partner of Your Business.
We Build and Developing Human Recources and Production Process for a Better Result
Our Service is Your Solution

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